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Shower glass door

Tired of scrubbing on your hands and knees? Wasting time cleaning gunk out of your shower door fixture, just for it to build up again?


At Ard's Glass & Paint we specialize in frameless door work that eliminates the buildup of gunk within the frame. Find out how you can make the switch by calling in, today!

Add the finishing touches to any bathroom remodel with custom glass shower doors! Choose from a variety of specialty and decorative glass to make your bathroom shine.


Begin planning a glass door project as unique and extraordinary as you are! Call us today.

Custom shower doors to suit any style

Give your home a makeover, start your next project with a FREE estimate today!


Take away the chore of daily door cleaning and scrubbing

  • Sleek designs

  • Easy to clean

  • Custom projects

  • Heavy glass that lasts

  • Decorative styles

The many benefits of frameless glass

At Ard's Glass & Paint we believe in the importance of customer service and assistance. You will have an educated worker on site with you and walking you through every project, as well as on call for any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to call, we'd love to help!

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